“Thank you so much for reaching out! I look forward to approaching your event in a creative yet professional manor, and give it that pop to flaunt your stage vision.” ~Eddy


Small (600 local*)

  • Usually around 20 fixtures
  • Wireless setup with Totems
  • Perfect for budget show that still needs a pop

Medium (900 local*)

  • Usually around 20-40 fixtures
  • Double the amount of movers we bring in from Small
  • Totems, dual haze

Large (1200 local*)

  • Typically around 50 or more fixtures
  • Double the amount of movers we bring in from Medium
  • Trussing and/or Totems

Note: Rates may change over time. Book now to secure your next event!

*Local shows mean within one hour of Cleveland. We happily service Ohio and surrounding states, so feel free to inquire about an exact location.

+1 Day Show means we expect to load in morning or afternoon, and load out at a reasonable hour after bar close. We happily also offer all 1 night events or multiple day festival quotes upon request.

If you have a lighting vision that falls outside of this list, please feel free to ask. Special effects are available upon request!

Thank you so much for this opportunity! Lighting is our passion, and we absolutely can not wait to hit that stage!