Lighting References

“As much as I’d love to light every show out there, I can only truly put all my focus into one show at a time. Therefore, I highly recommend the following lighting designers/productions that I have worked with in the past.


Brian w/ Enlightenment Event Lighting – Cleveland, OH

Concert/Festival Lighting


Jim w/ Dewey Designs – Cleveland, OH

Concert/Festival Lighting


Crazylegs w/ Crazylegs Productions (NLQP) – Ashtabula, OH

Concert/Festival Lighting


Mike w/ Silver Creek Studios – Akron/Canton, OH

Concert Lighting/Sound


Eric & Jaymoe w/ Glostik Productions – Dayton, OH

Festival Lighting/Sound/Stage


Sam w/ Kings Rook Club – Erie, PA

Concert Lighting


Jim w/ JSG Live – Kent, OH

Concert Lighting/Sound

Thank you so much, and please keep me in mind for future lighting Opportunities!

Together we can make events magical with memories that last forever!